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Happy Holidays!

I feel that I may have received my gift a bit early this year as The Herb Chambers Companies were once again recognized as being one of The Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work!

This is the 5th year recognized (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013) and I am so proud that we have earned this distinction again. For 2013 we are ranked fifth in the Largest Employer category after being selected from 1,746 total employers in the survey. I am even more pleased that we are the only auto dealer ever to have received this award. Best of all is that this recognition was made possible based exclusively on surveys of our employees that our company is in fact – a great place to work.

Throughout the last 28 years, we’ve built a local business, now with almost 2,100 team members in 52 dealerships who sell over 50,000 vehicles and service over 420,000 a year! I am well aware that my team will have a more difficult time making you happy if they are not in fact happy. Well this award tells me that we are well positioned to do just that; make you happy!

When asked why our people feel this way I have to say it’s because we sincerely care. We offer competitive salaries, great medical & dental benefits and 401K with a 50% company match. Our facilities are clean, well-lit, comfortably furnished and filled with the largest selection of new & used cars trucks & SUV’s in New England. Now, add to that, they are staffed with happy & well trained employees to assist you and that is what I call a winning combination.

I feel strongly that we need to completely satisfy every client, every day; therefore our Customer Satisfaction Index is directly tied into our compensation, bonus & incentives programs for our team members. If we do not make you happy then we cannot grow as individuals or as a company. Make no mistake; our customers sign our employees’ paychecks, not me.

I often hear from my team members that a big part of their satisfaction is the opportunity to professionally grow within a successful & stable environment. This is so important for anybody striving for a career, and not just a “job”. Every year our continued growth creates hundreds of new opportunities for our current employees. Will we hire top people from outside our company? Of course. However, I would prefer to promote from within and do so regularly.

What can we expect going into 2014; I can only see ‘blue skies’. These are my words to our team for a bright future filled with opportunities and what I see to be another year of growth, happy employees and truly satisfied clients.

To all of our employees, clients and their families, may you have a safe, healthy and joyous holiday season and a very Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you on your next visit.



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