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Herb Chambers Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles

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Herb Chambers Ultra Motor

Herb Chambers Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles

Herb Chambers Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles

If you have visited Europe or the Far East in recent years, you were probably amazed at the number of electric powered bicycles that share the roads with other motorized vehicles.

In China alone there are more than 120 million electric bikes on the road.

In Germany there are more than 232,000. Italy is one of the fastest growing electric bike markets in the world with sales in 2012, scheduled to top 50,000 units. Worldwide sales are expected to top 47 million bikes this year alone.

What are electric bikes, what is causing this phenomenon and what is the future of electric bikes in the U.S.?

Electric bikes are just like regular bicycles but they have a rechargeable battery to either drive the bike on its own or to supplement power when needed. There are kits to convert regular bikes to electric bikes but most don’t stand up to the expectations of the customer. True electric bikes, manufactured to be such from the ground up, are far more reliable, far more user friendly and account for most of this industry’s growth. True, electric bikes can cost between $1,100 to $20,000 with the vast majority of them selling between $1,200 to $3,000. Their range is twenty-five miles plus with the latest technology.

Acceptance of electric bikes in the U.S. has been slow but growing. Sales of electric bicycles will triple in the US by 2018 to 265,000 a year, predicts Pike Research, the considered industry expert in this market. That’s still is a very small number, but much higher than the 89,000 e-bikes expected to be sold this year. The major problem cited for this lack of acceptance is considered to be a lack of distribution.There are far too few dealers who sell and support the product.

The Herb Chambers Companies are an early adopter of electric bikes.

Herb Chambers Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles

Herb Chambers Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles

A year ago we took on the line of Ultra Motor bikes (see www.ultrabikes.com) at Ultra Motor Electric Bikes of Boston located at our Vespa dealership in Boston: 866-724-5395.

We think that the greater Boston market is an ideal location to sell and service this exciting new product and after exhaustive research, we think that Ultra Motors is the best fit for the majority of our clientele.

Consider the Ultra Motor Fast4ward Edge. This bike sells for only $1,149. It has a full charge range of 20 miles. You can unsnap the battery and recharge it fully from any household outlet virtually anywhere. The bike weighs only 40 lbs.; it folds up and will fit into a bag to carry in your trunk, on a train or on your boat or camper. It is so light and easy to fold and unfold it can be used by practically anyone. This bike is ideal for campers, boaters and commuters. Imagine taking your Ultra-Edge on a commuter train to Boston. Unfold it and ride it to your office without any stress or strain.

Who buys electric bikes?

Herb Chambers Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles

Herb Chambers Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles

According to Eco-Wheelz a major dealer of electric bikes in Michigan, the buys for these products include:

1.) Savvy Financial Cost-Cutters

One of the main reasons so many people are choosing electric-powered bikes! Electric is just plain cheap when compared to gas-powered vehicles.

2.) Retirees and Middle-Aged Baby Boomers

Electric-power makes life easier for everyone! For retirees and baby boomers this is especially true. Things get a little harder as you get older, but riding a bicycle doesn’t have to be one of them! Electric bikes are great for trips to the corner store, for taking on RV and boat trips — or for just getting around the neighborhood. They make riding fun and enjoyable again no matter what your age.

3.) Environmentally Conscious Green Advocates

Another point we continue to stress, is the eco-friendly nature of electric-power. This makes electric bicycles especially appealing to anyone who cares about the environment. Although this may not be important to all of our customers, it’s important to us! Electric-powered bikes DO NOT BURN FOSSIL FUELS and release no harmful carbon emissions. They’re great for air quality and our environment as a whole.

4.) Traffic Doomed City Dwellers

Transportation can be a headache in the big city. Depending on where you live, your options may be limited, or they might be a big hassle. An electric bike is perfect for navigating through heavy traffic and makes commuting a breeze. No need to worry about being sweaty or exhausted when you arrive at your destination. Electric bikes are great for commutes to work, to the park or any big city location.

5.) University and College Students

On most college campuses there’s no need for automobiles. Many times, first year students can’t have a car on campus or the cost makes it ridiculously expensive (car payments, insurance, parking, etc.). Electric bikes are ideal for college students. They make getting around campus fun and easy! At just a fraction of the cost, you can easily bring your transportation into your dorm room or lock it up outside on a bike rack. No insurance, parking fees or high car payments.

6.) Kids and the Entire Family

Of all the benefits associated with electric bikes, one always seems to get lost in the shuffle – they’re lots of fun! And because they’re safe and easy to operate, they’re great for families. In particular, kids love electric bikes! They come in a variety of sizes, so Mom and Dad can join in with their own – or they can share.

I’m an owner!

I am an avid boater.

I have two folding Ultra Motor electric bikes on my boat. They take up very little space and they are great when we are at the dock and have to run to a convenience store, want to go sightseeing or just want to get a little exercise. They are light, easy to unfold and a lot of fun. I couldn’t recommend them more.

If you want to know more call 866-724-5395.

Or, better yet, visit our state-of-the-art showroom at 22 Brighton Avenue Boston, MA 02134.

We hope to see you soon.


Herb Chambers

PS. Could you imagine a better Christmas or holiday gift?

Herb Chambers Ultra Motor

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