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Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Herb Chambers Bentley of Boston Cruises with Claire Danes at Harvard & Hasty Pudding

Claire Danes at Harvard for Hasty Pudding

Article Courtesy of :  The Boston Herald

What a wonderful day.

It feels like just yesterday that I covered last year’s Woman of the Year event with Julianne Moore, but really it was a year ago.

But now I headed back across the river for the 2012 Hasty Pudding Theatricals event, with this year’s female honoree, Claire Danes.

You can read my article in today’s Inside Track about the event, but I could only get so much info into 6 inches of the paper.

So here’s all the other details I had to leave out…

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Getting Ready to Rumble: Upon arrival, I headed into the theater building and press room to case the joint. You know, check it out to see who else is in there, make sure I have access to free cookies, try to log onto a wireless network, the usual stuff. So I’m checking out all the other press people, and I see one of the chairs is marked for CBS Early Morning, which I thought was interesting. And then I see a man with the same green priority media tag as I have, and I realize…dundundun…it’s MO ROCCA. MO ROCCA is covering the event because he does segments on CBS Early Morning. Are you flippin’ kidding me? The man is a celebrity himself, and he’s covering the event! I mean, if you’re press, but you’re a celebrity in your own right, that’s BALLER. The man was a Daily Show correspondent, for pete’s sake. I DIE!

Pre-parade festivities: Claire and her husband, the adorable Hugh Dancy, (you’d know him as Ted, Elizabeth Olsen’s brother in law in Martha Marcy May Marlene!) landed in Cambridge and had a scrumptious lunch at UpStairs on the Square. The staff described her as “a doll,” and said in her honor that they cooked up a vegetarian meal.

Here’s the menu of what they had:

“Butter Lettuce

Ruby Red Grapefruit & Avocado

Half of a Cider-Glazed Acorn Squash

Warn Warro, Tuscan Kale & Quince

Vanilla White Chocolate Cake

Passionfruit Caramel & Creme Legere”

AHHHH. Nothing like some “Butter Lettuce” to get me in the mood.

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

I love a parade: While Claire is paraded around the streets of Cambridge in a blue Bentley (courtesy of Herb Chambers of course…that security for the blue Bentley was 90 times tighter than it was for Claire herself!) a brass band played “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In,” and everyone’s feeling all festive. She mugs for the crowd and climbs the steps to the theater. Then everyone heads inside.

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Pudding Pot Presentation: A lot of LOLZ were made  at the fact that Claire dropped out of Yale after 2 years. The Hasty Pudding dudes LOVED ranking on the Yalies:

“Claire made waves after leaving Yale after 2 years….2 years is a normal amount of time to spend at a community college.”

So in her acceptance speech, they handed her the pudding pot, and she said “This is as empty as a Yale degree! You know you are outside the boundaries of Hollywood when a woman receives an award from which she can eat.” She then proceeded to drop it on the ground. oops!  “I do like to eat. I do like to eat me some pudding. I do like the taste of it. This is awesome. This is really awesome.”

Then everyone moves upstairs for the press conference, where we each get to ask her one question. I had been chatting with Janet Wu Tang Clan from Channel 7, but she needed to get out of there in time for the 6pm news, so she asked if she could ask her question ahead of me. Of course, I’m like, sure, Janet Wu Tang Clan, no problem. But then she asks the exact same question I was going to say. DOH! Here question was about the Superbowl.

On the Superbowl: “I’m going!” Claire said. “I keep being like, that’s kind of wasted on me. I’m there for the nachos and the alcohol. I don’t know anything about football. I have no excuse. I have gotten a number of tutorials from people who do know about it. I’ll go for halftime. I’m going to the game, I think. And I will enjoy the dancing and the cheerleaders and those little talk phones.” (note: I think she means…MEGAPHONES.)

On whether she feels incomplete for dropping out of college halfway through: ” I do…I had a great experience at Yale. When I was there, I was fully committed and loved it and I’m forever indebted to that experience. I had spent my entire adolescence on a film set, and I was very drained by that. I was craving a different adventure. That really satisfied my urge. I got the fundamentals of college. I drank too much watered down beer. I made my best friends. I felt fulfilled personally. I didn’t need 2 more years, I think…I was very shaped by that time and that institution.”

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Finally, it was my turn…luckily, I had my backup questions prepared:

On Season 2 of Homeland: “I don’t know anything. I really don’t. It may not be a direct time cut. Time will have elapsed. Some episodes will have been shot overseas. Maybe you see Carrie in Iraq again. I hope she’s in better shape than we last found her. I want her to wash her hair and put on some lipstick and come back swinging. She suffered some hard knocks.”

On which is harder- playing someone with Bipolar Disorder on Homeland, or someone who is Autistic, in Temple Grandin: “They were both rather challenging and fascinating. I think I’ve learned that bipolar condition is actually more challenging than autism, in that it is defined by its erraticism. With autism you can develop skills and coping mechanisms that will improve your quality of life that develop over time, and things get better. With bipolar, it’s harder to tame, because it is so scattered. It’s very exhausting to play somebody in a full blown manic episode. I am fascinated by psychology and acting. I’m so fortunate to have experiences like this.”

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

Herb Chambers Bentley Boston - "Claire Danes - Hasty Pudding"

On the experience as a whole: I’ve had a great day and it’s just been a blast and utterly trippy.

That parade will remain forever emblazoned on my mind as a wonderful thing.”


Article Courtesy of :  The Boston Herald


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