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Herb Chambers Donates $50,000 to Mayor Menino’s Toy Drive

Herb Chambers Donated $50,000 to Mayor Menino’s Toy Drive

Herb Chambers is proud to join the nobel cause led by Mayor Menino, which helps needy children in the Boston area have toys for Christmas. Herb Chambers donated $50,000 to Menino’s Toy Drive which helps distribute toys to children in Boston’s lowest income neighborhoods. This collaborative effort will help hundreds of children have toys under their Christmas trees.

Shown in order Herb Chambers and Mayor Menino

Herb Chambers is an automotive dealership group based out of Somerville Massachusetts. For decades Herb Chambers has provided New England car buyers with high quality automobiles including those from BMW, Porsche, Ford, Lexus, MINI, Chrysler, Scion, Honda, and many more. As one of the most trusted brands in New England, Herb Chambers is known to local buyers as the region’s premier automotive dealership group.

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