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June 17, 2009
Herb Chambers.com Goes MOBILE!

Did you know that 86% of Americans have a mobile phone and that 57% of those phones are Internet capable! I have to tell you that once we reached the magic “web-ready tipping point” numbering over 50% of users with Internet capable phones; I tipped toward convenience and had our E-Commerce team optimize www.herbchambers.com site for easy & fast viewing over customers’ mobile phones!
We all know how frustrating some mobile sites can be with congested screens and painfully slow search functionality. You can imagine our challenges with the latter, especially when you consider that we have over 10,000 vehicles in stock to sort. Well I think you’ll find that we have been able to successful pair speed with function on our mobile solution unveiled this week. See for yourself. Simply type in www.herbchambers.com from your mobile device today!
Say you’re on the beach and dreaming about your next new ride. Don’t wait until you get home or to work! Let your fingers do the walking instantly to connect you to over 10,000 cars and 27 brands including New England’s Largest Selection of Pre-owned / Certified cars, trucks & SUV’s.
What’s more, you can easily call or e-mail us and arrange for a test drive, ask questions or request more information. And, if you already have the ride of your dreams—why not schedule a service appointment from wherever…24/7/365.
Other great Herb Chambers web-mobile features include our special “under $10,000 vehicle inventory”, our convenient payment calculator, complete (and lighting fast) search functionality and of course each Herb Chambers dealership’s phone number, address list & of course turn by turn directions.
HerbChambers.com MOBILE has been automatically optimized for your mobile phone format and screen. There is no texting and waiting for the info. Simply type in our URL and we will automatically detect whether you are on a regular computer or a Mobile PDA and optimize the site accordingly.
Though mobile, you can be sure it’s clean, clear and filled with useful information available literally at your finger-tips –anytime, anywhere you desire.
Now that I am thinking about it our regular non-mobile website, although award winning, has not received a complete update in a while. Hummmmm, I think I will get started on that today!!!
Watch here for more info on an all new & even more consumer friendly non Mobile www.herbchambers.com with all new search functionality coming soon to a computer near you.
In the meantime please checkout our latest addition; www.HerbChambers.com MOBILE today.
All My Best,

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