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The Promise of Spring Kept; 2009

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Just a few months ago; I mentioned in this column that we at Herb Chambers, were approaching the New Year at “full-speed” proceeding with several exciting new construction and facilities renovation projects. Well, here we are in early 2009 and we are proud to announce two new facilities up and running! They are Herb Chambers Porsche of Burlington & Audi Burlington — a brand new 40,000 square foot dealership built to house some of the world’s finest luxury sports and performance cars and Herb Chambers Ford Truck center, an all new 70,000 sq. ft. truck service and collision center with a state of the art body shop.

These two facilities are simply amazing; one designed to showcase some of the world’s most exciting and advanced automobiles; while the other is designed to provide the best possible care and repair of both cars and trucks that have been involved in collisions.

If you’re a sports car or luxury vehicle aficionado there’s no better place to experience and test drive some of the world’s most practical yet spirited sports & luxury automobiles, than Herb Chambers Porsche of Burlington & Audi Burlington. Our goal here was clean elegance and to showcase high performance machines like nowhere else. The architectural “mirror glass” façade and sleek show room interior complete a perfect sun-lit showcase to introduce the new automotive sports/luxury masterpieces of our age. These vehicles though exotic– are really well mannered everyday drivers in every sense of the word. If you can imagine yourself (even for a moment) driving one these rolling sculptures; you owe it to yourself to visit our newest showrooms in Burlington. If you currently own a Porsche or Audi, we invite you to visit our new facility and experience service of the highest level. Where you purchased your vehicle makes no difference, we would like to take care of it for you. You will be impressed!

If your car or truck has had an unfortunate “tangle” with another vehicle or just needs some sprucing up; we’d like to draw your attention to Herb Chambers newest Ford Truck center and complete Collision Facility servicing all makes & models of cars, trucks & SUV’s.

We went all out here as this enormous facility has absolutely everything needed to make your damaged vehicle as good as new including the newest state of the art paint booth facilities to make your vehicle really shine! In addition, it’s really cavernous (70,000 sq. ft!!!) … with more space to simultaneously repair more vehicles indoor than anyone else!!! The latest in clean air equipment is used to provide the best environment for our craftsmen. This is all in addition to our other 3 world class body shops & collision centers in Danvers, Providence AND Ashland.

True to our word, these facilities are already humming with activity and serving Herb Chambers customers from all over New England. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on several other projects nearing completion…talk with you again soon!


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